April 21, 2011

Tribute Trio Dedications

Tickets: $15/10 members

Outpost Performance Space / Albuquerque

Tribute Trio

What does it take to play works by the great jazz piano composers featured in the Tribute Trio Concert Series? Starting with charts, some of the compositions are available in print but others require transcribing by listening to the arrangements as originally performed by the composers. Then there is just listening for hours on end to recordings of the songs, catching the nuances of extraordinary musical forms until they are familiar to the ear. The advantages of modern technology are also accessed, gaining insights about trio dynamics and sound qualities from live performances on DVD or restored and available on YouTube. Above and beyond this, what personal history, personality and musical associations can be brought to bear by studying biographies and autobiographies documenting the worlds of these gifted musicians?

The Tribute Trio has studied, absorbed, rehearsed and reveled in the lives and creations of a selection of remarkable jazz composers. The next artistic step was to discover their influence through composing original compositions based on the tribute series pieces. These inspired new compositions by composers John Rangel and Michael Glynn were studio-recorded for the Tribute Trio's debut CD, "Dedications" Volume I The final concert returning the trio to the Outpost Performance Space features the music from the CD.