"Dedications" Volume I
CD Cover Art

Original compositions by
John Rangel and Michael Glynn
inspired by the concert series

John Rangel   piano
Michael Glynn   bass
Cal Haines   drums

Tribute Trio © 2011

It's All Good
Buds Changes
Herbie's Mood
The Inventor
Inertial Sonnet
Afrikan Roots
Broken Rings
A Brotherhood


Review of the CD by Mel Minter, April 28-May 4, 2011 Alibi:

“In a just-completed yearlong series, the Santa Fe/Albuquerque-based Tribute Trio —
John Rangel (piano), Michael Glynn (bass) and Cal Haines (drums) -- presented 12 monthly concerts, each focused on a different jazz pianist/composer. On “Dedications”, they use the insight gained as inspiration for nine original and compelling compositions, delivered with dazzling musicianship and a hand-in-glove responsiveness established over months of collaboration. While the tunes may be inspired by jazz masters, the trio has established a sophisticated voice of its own that invites, and will bear, repeated listening. From finger-popping blues to serpentine songs to impressionistic ballads, “Dedications” is a top-drawer, soul-satisfying experience.”

Comments sent to the Tribute Trio Artistic Director by Nicholas Potter, Nicholas Potter Bookseller, Santa Fe, April 25, 2011:

"I just wanted to congratulate you and the group on a successful concert project. The resulting CD is terrific (on two listenings) and shows a great understanding of the traditions. What impresses me most is that it captures the "feel" of the dedicatees but allows the musicians to be themselves. There is a huge difference in being able to play standards like a cover band (which can be great in its way) versus creating original material that captures the spirit of others as distinctively as Tribute Trio "Dedications" does. They have a unity as an ensemble, but they have individuality as well, and the compositions are first rate.”