September 26, 2010, 6:00 - 7:30 pm (Doors open at 5:30 pm)

Tribute to Oscar Peterson

Tickets: $20 (Recommended in advance)

La Casa Sena / Santa Fe sponsored by Stars Never Fade

Oscar Peterson

Oscar Peterson is one of the most famous and popular jazz pianists of all time. Born in Montreal in 1925, he received his first musical training from his father and sister, later taking lessons from a prominent classical piano teacher. He developed an interest in jazz from listening to his father's records at home, and quickly began to learn this music. However, when his father played an Art Tatum record for him, Oscar was so astounded and intimidated that he refused to play at all for a month. Eventually, Tatum became a major influence on Peterson, along with Nat "King" Cole and James P. Johnson. Peterson continued refining his playing in the style of these earlier pianists even while most young jazz musicians around him were gravitating towards the new bebop style. He formed his trio in the early 1950s, the most famous early version of which included Herb Ellis on guitar and Ray Brown on bass. This piano/guitar/bass format was based on and highly influenced by Nat Cole's trio. When Ellis left, instead of replacing him with another guitarist, Peterson hired a drummer, Ed Thigpen. With Brown and Thigpen, Peterson recorded many of his finest albums. While the personnel in the trio fluctuated through the years, Peterson continued to perform his trademark brand of hard-swinging jazz until his death in 2007.

Perhaps the most easily noticed facet of Peterson's playing was his incredible technical prowess, and indeed his prodigious abilities at the piano still inspire awe. He was not merely a brilliant technician, though--his intricate arrangements, bouncy swing feel, and melodic conception all added to his success. Peterson's fine original works are another under appreciated aspect of his art.

The Tribute Trio is excited to feature the compositions and arrangements of Oscar Peterson and to perform the music of one of the greatest trios ever.