March 12, 2011, 7:30 pm (Doors open 6:30 pm)

Tribute to Herbie Hancock

Tickets: $25 advance purchase

Historic Old San Ysidro Church sponsored by Music in Corrales
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Herbie Hancock

Born in Chicago in 1940, Herbie Hancock has long been in the forefront of modern jazz musicians. As a child Hancock was recognized as a prodigy, performing a Mozart piano concerto with the Chicago Symphony at the age of eleven. Largely self-taught in jazz, his first major influences included Oscar Peterson and Bill Evans. His debut recording, "Takin' Off", was recorded shortly after his 22nd birthday, and immediately established his reputation as a major new force in jazz. The next year - 1963 - Hancock joined the Miles Davis Quintet, arguably the top group in jazz at the time. He worked as a full-time member of Davis' ensemble for five years, while still finding time to record his own highly regarded albums as a leader. In the 1970s, Hancock ventured into jazz-rock fusion and quickly became a leader in this genre.

To a greater extent than almost any other jazz musician, Hancock's work often crossed over to great commercial success, and he has exerted a strong influence on popular music as well as jazz. Among his many awards, he received the Oscar for best original soundtrack in 1986, for "Round Midnight", and has won 12 Grammys. Hancock continues to bridge the gap between jazz and popular music styles and remains one of the world's most popular and influential musicians.

Hancock is a prolific composer and many of his works have become jazz standards, in addition to becoming popular successes. The Tribute Trio enjoys the opportunity to share the famous works, as well as many of his lesser-known compositions, with fans of great music.