November 11, 2010, 7:00 - 8:30 pm (Doors open at 6:00 pm)

Tribute to Chick Corea - A Dinner Concert

Tickets: $15 advance purchase from Trio and Dinner reservations from El Meson

El Meson / Santa Fe

Chick Corea

Few pianists are as comfortably fluent in as many styles as Chick Corea. Born in Chelsea, Massachusetts, in 1941, Armando Anthony Corea was introduced to jazz by his father, a trumpet player. Corea began gigging around the Boston area by his teens, and in addition to his straight-ahead jazz work, he became attracted to the flourishing Latin music scene and became an accomplished pianist in this genre as well.

His early work with diverse musicians, including jazz greats Stan Getz and Blue Mitchell, and Latin icons Mongo Santamaria and Willie Bobo, shows Corea's versatility even at a young age. In 1968, Corea entered a new phase when he joined the band of Miles Davis. In this group, Corea pursued a more avant-garde course, and he experimented with electronic instruments and effects. Just three years later, he again changed directions and formed Return to Forever, a band that fused elements of jazz, rock, Spanish and Brazilian music. Since the 1980s, Corea has jumped effortlessly from one style to another, leading a a number of all-star groups, and he remains one of the most versatile and exciting musicians in the jazz world.

Corea's compositions show the diversity seen throughout his performing career. Even individual compositions can show the influence of a number of sources, including bebop, rock, Cuban, Brazilian and Spanish music. However, all of his works exhibit the joyful exhuberance that is a hallmark of his style. Few composers have such a wide-ranging, yet accessible and enjoyable repertoire as Chick Corea, and the Tribute Trio always looks forward to playing his music.